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Last update 13 11 2013

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This utility has the goal of allowing more people to work in teams on a single route RailWorks made, allowing the union more drawn together in one big way.


For convenience, this page, the term 'Route A' is or will be considered the main route and the term 'Route B' secondary, then the term 'Tess' means 'Tile' of land which will be submitted for processing.

With 'RW Merge Route' from the first is 'A' and a second is 'B' you can select overlapping and uniting the latter is the 'A' is therefore obtaining a 'A' most comprehensive and complete result of the combination of both routes.

This process can then be run again is joining the new 'A' obtained, for example, comes with an additional 'C' and this procedure can be performed numerous times with no restrictions.

The new 'cards' or 'Tile' comes from the combined 'B' is going to overlap and to replace those in the main is 'A'.

Operatively with a few simple steps you need to select carefully and individually all the 'tile' that comes from 'B' which will replace those in the existing 'A'

Warning!, This procedure is 'NOT RETROACTIVE', so it is absolutely necessary for safety and for any repairs, make sure you have a backup copy of route 'A'

Prerequisite software:

Rw Merge Route works and shall require prior installation of Railworks and Microsoft. Net Framework 3.5 SP 1, which can be downloaded here (2.8 MB): "Ms .Net Framework 3.5 Sp 1"


How to merge the sections:

E 'essential sections to be joined have the same latitude and longitude, a good solution is to start from a single initial reference is then cloning it in a second version and then finally add it to the main, this device will allow unions accurate and reliable even after a long time.

A good basic example would be to do some preliminary tests using the TestTrack included with your mortgage cloned twice, the first is 'A' and then comes the 'B'
It reaffirms the importance of having two sections which have to merge these coordinates identical.

In case you have used DEM file for the proper administration of the altitude at the junction to ensure that they are identical and have the same resolution.

The image below shows how to understand, in the menu editor RailWorks, which are the coordinates of latitude and longitude reference of the route being edited.



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Highlighted in red is the part of the dialog box when finding such coordinates, creating a new route these coordinates can be configured so you may want to set these coordinates in the same way in all the sections that you'll achieve.

The following image shows the route 'TestTrack' sample highlighted with a white rectangle on the ground in the card to the left having coordinated -000001 +000000 visible in the lower left.

In red are highlighted options and to activate parts of the menu and look in Editor mode.


The following image shows the same route with the card shown to the right having coordinated +000000 +000000


Annotarsi tutte le tessere che si intendono unire presenti nella tratta 'B' che saranno successivamente inserite nella tratta 'A' prima di avviare la procedura.

Write down all the tiles you intend to join it in the 'B' which will later be included in the question 'A' before starting the procedure.

The 'cards' are arranged from left to right and from bottom to top, is the center of the card is identified by +000000 +000000

Taking note of the cards to join you can close and start RailWorks "Rw Merge Route.

One last final tip:

We recommend using RW Merge Route with extreme caution and frugality make sure you have the backup copy is the 'A'


For support and assistance:

If you need any support, questions or requests please write to:



Trascrizione fonetica


Dizionario - Visualizza dizionario dettagliato

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