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This utility has the goal of allowing full management of saved sessions in time of all the scenarios available in all routes in RailWorks will be allowed to save (automatically) the rehabilitation, removal of export and import of each closed session.


The operation of this tool is extremely simple and intuitive, with 'RW Scenarios Manager' running regularly and normally you can use your RailWorks, 'RW Scenario Manager' real-time intercept saved your session, automatically archive them and make them available in time listed in chronological order, you can close the simulation, select the session to 'restore' and return to normal function by means of simulation 'Continue' will be restored and will leave it exactly where it had been saved.

Each session will be 'exported' and 'Imported', this feature allows you, for example, to deliver a simulation from a desktop PC to a laptop and vice versa, you can also send e-mail to your friends file you exported ( rws - RailWorks Session) to be imported later.

Specification limits and the free version:

The version [Demo Version] free will allow the activation and recovery, for each scenario, the two oldest backups, the most recent will be listed but you will recover.

With any donation (however small) you will receive via e-mail a version without any restriction to your letterhead.


'Rw Scenarios Manager' is now available with 1.3 interface and dialogues in Italian, English, Danish and Dutch and works with RailWorks in English, Italian, Spanish, French and German, but not very likely work with other languages but not guaranteed operation.

If you need to Notify the need to extend the compatibility of new interfaces, in other languages, I can create more advanced versions later and more versatile.


Features and specifications:

Automatic detection of the folder where RailWorks.

Automatic detection of all routes and all scenarios in the system (It, En, Es, De, Fr)

Real-time detection of all rescues performed during the game.

Possibility of reactivation of stored backups at any time with RW running.

Managing backups organized to address and Scenario and listed chronologically in order of time.

Ability to 'export' and 'Import' in the session file type rws (RailWorks Session).

Possibility to remove an existing session.

Possibility of the removal of group sessions (for each scenario).

Interface available in English ,Italian And Dutch.

Compatible with RailWorks (It, En, Es, De, Fr)

Compatible with Windows XP (SP3), Vista (Sp 2) and Seven both 32 Bit and 64 Bit.

Detecting and reporting sessions obsolete (older than any subsequent modifications in the way)

It requires no special installation, since it is an executable of about 50 kbytes, you download it, unzip it and start.

Prerequisite software:

Rw RailWorks Scenarios Manager works with and shall require prior installation of Microsoft. Net Framework 3.5 SP 1, which can be downloaded here (2.8 MB) "Ms Framework 3.5 SP 1"

For support and assistance:

If you need any support, questions or requests please write to: cmussa@mcs-software.it


1) Create a folder (possibly different from that in which he resides RailWorks), eg "C:\Program Files\Rwsm".

2) Save it in the zip file and unzip it into it.

3) will create two files "RW Manager.exe Scenarios" and "ICSharpCode.SharpZipLib.dll.

4) Remove the Zip file (now no longer required.)

5) Create a shortcut to the file if "Scenarios Manager.exe RW" on the desktop.

In case of malfunctions, make sure you download Microsoft.Net Framework 3.5 SP 1 "Ms Framework 3.5 SP 1"



Trascrizione fonetica


Dizionario - Visualizza dizionario dettagliato

I set up a page and a link to PayPal  btn_donateCC_LG.gif if you could kindly help my business to develop new tools to free the world of simulation.

You will be sent by e-mail the full version without limitations and you will be promptly updated on any future updates and patches.

Your donation will allow one to obtain in time also any tools next to "Rw Merge Route" and "RW Scenarios Manager" that will develop in the future.


Use this link to download  Rw Scenarios manager (115 KB - no installation required)

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