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Last update: 28 12 2010

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This page is dedicated to downloading the royal treatment for RailWorks
"Torino - Asti - Alessandria - Genova" set in the late 90
Version 2.0 of December 24, 2010

Claudio Mussa, author of this route, publicly thank all employees and staff for the valuable cooperation given.


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This route is available exclusively for Italy also www.amicitreni.net

To support and assistance refer to the forum www.amicitreni.net

All items available in these were included and disclosed to it only after prior permission of their creators.


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What to know to use this route now .....

Version 2.0 includes the line "Villanova d'Asti - Villafranca d'Asti" of 12 miles and there is also "the entire node from Torino Porta Nuova to the fork Sangone", this area is to complete '80% for town planning and 100% in terms of functionality.

In particular, the track-laying is complete, however far from Turin to Asti and if you want it is completely feasible for the entire segment.

Please note that the crux of Turin is technically complete and running, there are still many details of street furniture, but you can create any type of scenarios it because the plan is complete binary nomenclature, signaling speed limits, etc..

Also in Turin some node infrastructure, platforms, bridges, buildings, etc. are not complete, this should be considered "normal. "

This installation includes everything needed, including rolling stock, and therefore does not require additional downloads or additional installations.

Although all scenarios are full of rolling stock necessary for its proper functioning.

This question is also available in Spanish and English language selected at installation time and part-time during the game.


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To take full advantage of the scenarios (indicative period in 2004) remember ....

Do not ever release the brake the trains, keep the trains braked (at least 30%) during the stops.

In the scenario that Villanova's whistle Villafranca green light, as to the truth, he feels lonely but still close to the train or car, then waiting to leave to remain close to the convoy.

Depending on how you have configured your RW cabin to change may need to press "Control" + "-" instead, as suggested, "Control" + "+"

Authentic schedules set forth in the individual messages that appear in dialog boxes made from time to time during the session, the arrival times shown in the "Track Monitor - (F3)" are for guidance only.



How to install an update to this is ...

Install and run at least once the version 1.0

You download and run locally only after the downloaded executable.

When the download is finished and once it starts the executable may take a few moments before the appearance of the operator dialogue, and this is completely normal.



Problems and anomalies known and familiar in this version 2.0 ....

Some characters on the sidewalks in the stations move in a disorderly manner.

The signals are not perfectly identical to those present not yet completely real and available to play in December 2010.

In particular it is noted that all signals to sail round and square type of double and triple are ONLY INDICATIVE figures and their "intelligence" is a very small (the entire community looks forward to a better understanding of this argument)

Started for the first time is, in particular the scenario "of multiple services on the node Torino" being very complex, full of objects and rolling RW could go wrong, and this is likely not a sign of failure but it is probably due to the fact that objects from "Rebuild locally" are really so many, not give up on the second attempt it usually leaves regularly, remember that this behavior may be observed whenever you go to use the "Clear Cache" or "Clear Memory", the cache will be regenerated, and the error may also occur in other scenarios, and other sectors.

In the scenario "Shuttle Villanova Villafranca AR" could happen, before the arrival in Villafranca and during the return to Villanova, to find the protection signal input to Villanova in danger and unable to continue even after the passage of goods, if this happens to you remember to take the green light by pressing "Tab" in the journey "Shift" + "Tab" on the return journey, this is because you will be driving the rear drive.

E 'RailWorks has been reported that responsiveness to change with the type of hardware, even on very old and slow PC clock slows down and skip the sync, and then consider that the timetable proposed in the scenario timeline and the order may differ slightly depending on your hardware equipment.

Saving a session and resume later or sent to break the behavior of the mortgage may change and be less reliable sync.

It 'was reported by some users, press "4" outside view might misbehave but this should not depend on it.

Always remember that the quality of play, the realistic simulation, the fidelity of the texture, rolling stock, signals of the shadows and is closely related to the configuration parameters of the RW game, even entire buildings may be lacking, not to see the lights of "Woodchucks," etc., etc. The advice is to spend some 'time to the proper configuration of the simulator by identifying the values of individual parameters optimized for your hardware equipment, will be time well spent allowing you to obtain a fluid simulation, a pleasant and also rich in detail and faithful to the original.

The question is purposely "locked", to avoid accidental deletions of important items, if you want to modify, edit or remove it from the menu of RW you start it up normally, press "Esc" and activate "World Editor" then at the bottom right click on the lock in with the you can "unlock", save (F2) and exit. From this moment, since saving is unlocked, you can edit it directly from the main menu of Rail Works.

Version 2.0, the crux of Turin and in particular the scenario "of multiple services on the node Torino" are particularly 'commitment' not only in its 'playability' but also in terms of hardware resources needed. In the case of "Crash" anomalous try lowering the game parameters to lower values, individually and lifting them again one by one in order to understand which of these difficulties, the system sends.
A calibration 'balanced' and will allow the proper functioning of the simulator complete with a fluidity and a graphic quality acceptable.

Remember that we are in constant development, so remember, for these and other anomalies, to visit these sites consistently:


will be made public promptly when all the updates that will be developed over time.



Problems and anomalies known and familiar in the version 1.0 and resolved in this version 2.0 ....

E 'Issue of the block, in the scenario "Shuttle Villanova Villafranca AR" arriving at Villafranca.
E 'solves the problem of not showing some signs of sailing round.
With this system, FS UIC coaches Z EXIT can be used.
This version includes a chain with Italian section of the thinner cable and a more faithful to reality.
This version has improved and loyal shadow objects
The low signals "groundhogs" have been improved and made more visible
The station of Porta Nuova is true now more interactive and also full of passengers.

In this update were also made available ...

New rolling stock of international
New urban objects
New 3D buildings faithful to reality.
New vehicles Italian
Many new scenarios living in different seasons and weather conditions.
Finally, it is available a multiple scenario involving three locomotives.



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How to remove the installation file and reinstall it.

The software used to install Install Shield is designed to make sure that uninstalling and starting again really screwed the installation software does not remove the previous one, this is normal, if you want to use the functions directly in RailWorks.


If you want to remove from the Turin RailWorks Genoa may be removed by simply pressing the "Delete" in the game menu on individual scenarios and only after pressing the button "Delete" in the game menu on the route, or you can remove Directly from Windows Explorer, folder:


Following these simple steps it will also be completely removed and if necessary you can reinstall it again.



How to communicate with the author for assistance, support and comments .....

For assistance, information and suggestions you can contact the author directly on the forum http://www.amicitreni.net (Nickname Claudio1964) by referring to this debate:


Remember to always refer to this discussion for any eventuality and future assistance.

Alternatively, if you wish, you can write by e-mail us at:


This is available as an alternative to this site and in exclusive for Italy, also on the portal Amicitreni.Net to this address:




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Caution - Please read carefully!

It should be noted, at the express request of some makers of add-on on this question, not revealing any part or the whole.

This question can not be placed on other sites and servers without written consent.

Note: The author assumes no responsibility for any abnormalities in RW due to this installation.

The upgrade from version 1.0 to version 2.0 can be found here:

(120 Mbyte)

This is an update, and then you must have previously installed version 1.0, which also found here:



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