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The overhead Gantry is an implementation of “Rotabili Italiani” is a product that embraces the philosophy of the team “Rotabili Italiani” and therefore can be spread freely on any site and used without any limitation except for its resale and its taken into use for a fee and then it is made the ban its use (unless written approval of the author) for any purpose for profit or otherwise different from the play.

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The membership provider for this product is “Rotabili Italiani” it defers to the site www.rotabili-italiani.org for download and any further discussion and inquiry on the use and mode of spread.

For myself, the author and creator of this catenary, this project is the result of a great deal of commitment, hours of work and dedication with the testing of many Beta testers liked it here publicly thank you.

If you appreciate this ambitious project, and if you work at maintaining it with new versions of the richest and best versatile and update it over time is a welcome your cooperation, if you want to share and give a figure, even symbolic and minimum (eg. 1 € uro)  uses the tools safely   (www.paypal.com) that I have set up on this page.

With this "donation and an optional" I can encourage the continuation of this activity in helping me improve this catenary and other projects.

Remember, for every need, question or support write to: cmussa@mcs-software.it

You can download the guide in PDF format from this catenary this link: PDF Guide English

I thank you in advance, Claudio Mussa (thanks all partners)

All products mentioned are trademarks and software of their respective owners with all rights reserved to them - Update 05 06 2015

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