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Tools 'Dxf to Rw' V 1.0  for RailWorks

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Claudio Mussa presents:

"Dxf to Rw"

(app for AutoCAD DXF into RailWorks)

The first application for AutoCAD (or other software CAD 2D) and RailWorks.

Easy, fast and true to the path drawn by paths ideal for conversions and  professional designs of real existing routes


Please for video clip visit my You Tube channel:

Youtube Main demo

Youtube Crossing Example

Youtube Crossing Multi Traks Example


All this in three easy steps ......


1° step)
Draw the track from scratch or convert an existing path instead ..... you can use AutoCAD or AutoCAD LT or any other CAD software that can export DXF files

Enter the drawing references (insert xref) representing your static objects and enter your piling (insert simple blocks )....

Save your file and export DXF (AutoCAD compatible format. from rel. 12 to rel. 2012)

Now you can close your CAD software...

Remember that you can generate 2D CAD files from any software.


2° step)

We closed the CAD software ....

Now we start the tools "Dxf to Rw"

We select the DXF file you just created and configure all the parameters for RailWorks, we can create new or modify an existing route, we can configure the Tiles from which, the elevation of the tracks, the provider of the tracks and electrification of all the characteristics important of the track.


3 ° step)
Very good, we generated our first route!

Great, we are ready to have fun ....

Now we can start working with RailWorks completing some quick and easy steps will put our consist, signals and objects in the landscape still missing.


You can make a minimum and economic donation

You will receive via e-mail this professional tools in a version customized for you and also very important to all subsequent service packs and any improvements in this release.

You can also write to my e-mail: cmussa@mcs-software.it

receive all the information and the support you need

RailWorks and AutoCAD are registered trademarks and products of their respective owners - all rights reserved         



Dear friend,

(Machine translation)

As you may know I am engaged for years in developing software tools, utilities, routes, scenery, activity, 3D objects, tutorials, etc. in the world of simulation.

I have always turned to the world of Trainz and MSTS in simulation before then and recently in RailSimulator RailWorks.

Many projects have been done in collaboration with many friends, but some tools are only the result of my intellect and my personal commitment to the world of simulation.

One of these tools is "Merge Rw Route" that allows the union RailWorks more routes between them, to follow "Rw Manager Scenarios" question with a tools that allows you to manage over time by saving the game sessions, archive and restore with a simple click, another in development tools and "3D Building" created to quickly create 3D buildings and others want to develop in the future, then I also realized many "articles" for RailSimulator RailWorks representatives and 3D objects and buildings.

These tools are made ​​of genuine software, especially "To Dxf Rw" is the result of great effort and I expect to improve over time with additional useful features.

To obtain a version customized for you to ask you to send a contribution through the term mentioned Dxf To Rw of a minimum of 20 €uro.

You can safely use the tools (www.paypal.com) that I prepared on this page.

With this "donation of 20 €uro" allow me to also send all future updates of this version.

A donation will receive an e-mail with the software customized for you and more information on its use.

Remember, for any need, question or support please write to: cmussa@mcs-software.it

Thank you in advance, Claudio

All products mentioned are trademarks and software of their respective owners with all rights reserved to them - Update 23 01 2012

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My Home Page: Go to my main Home Page

To send an e-mail us at: cmussa@mcs-software.it

To talk on skype, contact me as: mussa.claudio

To look at my videos on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rACq3oBTSZQ

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